In-Studio Maternity Sessions

When we moved to Atlanta, GA, one of the things that I looked for when house hunting, was a studio space.  Having this space of my own has changed my images dramatically and I couldn’t be happier!  I have space to store things, manipulate light, set up specific looks, and so much more.  Because the only Maternity images I have are those that are done outdoors, much like a family session, I advertised a model call for a studio session.  The pregnant body is a beautiful thing.  So many amazing images were created during this session!   I am so thankful for a studio, thankful for my model who was willing to trust me, and thankful for the ability to create images like this.  Feel free to share them, like them, or pin them for inspiration, for art, or just because you love them. PLP-1PLP-2PLP-3PLP-4PLP-5PLP-6PLP-11PLP-9PLP-10PLP-15PLP-12PLP-17

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