Capturing Joy

When I am photographing families, I want to photograph their best day.  I want my family clients to have fun, connect with each other, enjoy each other.  I want sessions to be as stress free and easy as they can be.

I let families be themselves, and capture the moments of connection. I find locations, I may give them ideas, or little reminders to shift this way or that, but my overall goal for you (dear Mom) is to have images of a time that you were happy, your children are joyful and care free, and dad enjoying time with his family.  Images of your family members as who they are.  Because, that is what I want to remember as a mom.  Sure that perfect picture is nice, but let’s not make it stressful to get that shot.  It will come in its own moment.  So Moms, let me capture your best day with your family.

This is my latest family, playing, dancing, laughing, and stealing sweet moments.

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