What Matters?

As I was scouting for Blooms last week, I took Nathan with me on my walk around the park. At the last minute, I thought it would be fun to give him my rebel.  I showed him how to use it, how to take care of it, gave him a few rules (no running!), and we walked and photographed together. It was adorable and so fun to watch him take joy in something I care so much about.  Today, he asked to use the camera and I gave him permission (another rule).  He started taking pictures of everything (including the floor)! So I told him, “Sweet heart, take pictures of what matters. What matters to you?” It made him stop and think.  And then went to take photos of our dog.  What matters to you?  Isn’t that the heartbeat of every photographer???  I hope so.  What matters?!?  I find it is so important to get to know my clients, relate to them, hear their story, and photograph what matters to them.

I would love to hear from you. What matters? What photographs do you cherish and why?
This day, it was my five year old spending time with his mommy, one on one.IMG_7315IMG_7283IMG_7285IMG_7280IMG_7293IMG_7361
And of course I can’t leave out the photos he took!
The picture he was taking standing on the old man hill.  He said “Hey, Mom!  Lets take each other’s picture!”IMG_3886
It had just rained and I was putting my macro to work!  LOL!  I wanted to come join!IMG_3928
My absolute favorite.IMG_3967
What I look like working…  I had no idea he was taking this!IMG_3988

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