The Herrin Family

It was so good to spend some time editing these photos after our move.  It made me feel at peace and at home, something I long for lately.  Hopefully in a few months I can focus on picking up my business again after we feel more settled!  I am itching to get behind the camera again!

My last Texas family; I’m not going to lie, getting three children all looking the same direction and happy was definitely work, but oh man did it pay off!!!  These darlings.  I cannot get over how beautiful this family is!  I’m thankful I was able to capture them and for the patience they had in my getting their photos processed during this big transition in our life!
PLP-3 PLP-6 PLP-9 PLP-12 PLP-16 PLP-19 PLP-28 PLP-30 PLP-32 PLP-39 PLP-43 PLP-48

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