Growth, Knowledge, and Keeping Up with the New

These last two weeks have been overwhelming, exciting and a wealth of knowledge!  I decided to take a another online class with Ana Brandt, a newborn and maternity photographer whom I admire so much.  She has been photographing babies for 15 years and hosts trainings online as well as workshops around the world.  This was my third class and as always, she never disappoints!  OnlineTraininByLogo2-1024x620

I was able to meet her at the Imaging expo that I went to this last weekend as well as purchase a few times for newborns! I was in heaven!  And she was such a good sport about a silly picture too!

While I was at Imaging, I attended a couple of workshops to perfect my skills, and scour over hundreds of products from several professional labs to find the best products for you! I was able to put my hands on them, view their coloring, quality, and decide what I would love to offer my clients during their ordering sessions!

Here are a couple more pictures from Imaging.  On the left, I’m with Alli Peck, who was the teacher of one of my workshops and she shared some invaluable tips!  Her work is stunning by the way!  And she is such a doll!  On the right is just a taste of the abundance of booths I went through!


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