What Have I Been up To?

Family 2-cI know that my posts have been few and far between.  But I have been VERY busy behind the scenes!  Things are happening!

  • I have been settling into our new home, of course, ordering prints and canvases like crazy to fill up my empty wall space with memories that make me happy.
  • I have been offering model calls for both newborn and maternity, while also booking a few sessions in between my models with new clients.  I have much to edit and post, so stay tuned for that!!!
  • I am finishing up yet another course with Ana Brandt, a photographer whom I very much admire.  I am SO excited that I will have a chance to meet her this Sunday while I am at the Imaging USA Expo here in Atlanta!
  • During the Expo, I will be looking over products that I will be offering in the new year, props for newborns, gowns for maternity shoots, as well as much, much more!  I will also be taking two hands-on classes that will expand the sessions I will be offering significantly!
  • I have been working to complete my in-home studio.  As soon as it is complete I will show photos of that as well.
  • Last, but not least, I will be taking my website off-line soon for a total makeover in the next week!

Get ready for a relaunching in 2016 with many new products and services!

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